Shabbos Project brings challah bake to HAFTR


All of HAFTR’s divisions — from early childhood through high school — joined the community’s Shabbos Project on Oct. 25 with a giant challah bake. Students rolled up their sleeves, put on gloves, rolled out the dough and shaped their own challahs.

PTA co-presidents, Shanna Schein and Candice Feiler, orchestrated countless volunteers and coordinated the distribution of ingredients. Thursday evening, 250 families participated in the Lower School challah bake.

Throughout the week, teachers incorporated lessons in a variety of curricular areas that built up to the Shabbat Project. Kindergartners created a family birchon holder which they were eager to use on Shabbat. They also learned how to say “Shabbat Shalom” in sign language. First grade students went on a scavenger hunt at Congregation Beth Sholom, learning about the items found in a Beit HaKinneset. In the upper grades students learned new zmerot and read a variety of Shabbat books in Hebrew and English. Fifth grade talmidim made cholent with their rebbe, Rabbi Elisha Weiss.

On Thursday, the PTA sponsored a Shabbat lunch that included shnitzel, kugel and cholent. 

Rabbi Feigenbaum led an Oneg Shabbat, connecting the parsha to the bake. Students learned the chemical reaction of yeast which causes the challah to rise and wondered how Avrahom and Sarah were able to bake challah in the absence of yeast.