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Yapchik is made up of two layers of golden, crispy potato cake — very similar to a kugel — that sandwich a layer of meat. It’s been referred to as a “Hungarian cholent” … more
Bourekas were one of the foods I fell in love with hard while in Israel for the first time. I am a sucker for pastry filled with, well, basically anything — samosas, empanadas, calzones, you … more
“This is goyish,” said my friend during brunch one Sunday, as I was enjoying my lox and cream cheese bagel, overflowing with onions, cucumbers, and a host of other vegetables. I looked … more
A walk-away roast chicken can’t get much easier, so with the set-it-and-forget-it method in mind, we used the spice cabinet to simplify the shopping, too. We doubled the volume of seasonings … more
My grandmother’s kitchen was barely the size of a hot tub. Somehow, in that tiny, immaculate space she could cook enough food for a party of 20. The kitchen’s best features were an … more
You’ve tried coaxing a sourdough starter to life or braiding a challah, turned speckled bananas into muffins, maybe even churned out mounds of pasta. For who have hunkered down at home during … more
Chunky Monkey. Rum Tres Leches. Banana Nut Fudge. Who gave the world the gift of these distinctive ice cream flavor inventions? While Italian immigrants are traditionally credited with opening the … more
With everyone sheltering in place and spending their days at home, now is the perfect time to tackle a DIY kitchen project that you never seemed to have time for before. The end result — tangy, … more
Haroset is one of the most important food components of the Passover seder. Its intense sweetness symbolizes the optimism in contrast to the bitter maror and salty water, which remind us of our … more
Americans don’t have nearly the appreciation that Israelis do for quiche. In the States, it’s an unimaginative brunch addition that never really shines. But in Israel, it’s the star … more
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