Rabbi Binny Freedman
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Every year on Rosh Hashana, we read of the expulsion of Yishmael (Avraham’s first son with his handmaiden Hagar), and the binding of Yitzchak. Both are stories of the sons of Avraham, and both … more
As we merited to walk our second child, our oldest son Yonatan, down the aisle to his chuppah, people stood and clapped and smiled and laughed, Yonatan’s smile light up his entire face, my wife … more
Beloved by his entire generation and revered for his incredible knowledge of Torah, he was given the chance to get out of 1939 Poland; safe passage to America had been secured and a new life was … more
Maxim Cohen was born in Morocco and made aliyah as child. He enlisted in the IDF, but left Israel with his parents after the Six-Day War to live in France. On Yom Kippur in … more
Years ago, about to exit the doors of LaGuardia Airport after a long flight, I realized I had forgotten my tefillin on the plane. I rushed back to the gates only to discover I could not get through … more
We all love getting those cute three-minute video clips during the day that give us a laugh or a smile. Recently, someone sent me a clip that got me thinking. In it, a fellow gives his two sons a … more
Years ago, after a very difficult month in Lebanon, someone higher up decided our unit needed a break. Every unit maintains a daily events log (yoman iruim). Every patrol, ambush, search and seize, … more
WHEN I was in high school, my mother arranged for me to get a ride to school once a week with one of the teachers. We lived in Manhattan, and as the high school I attended was in Riverdale, having a … more
In September 2000, in the wake of the second intifada, my unit was activated up as part of the massive call-up of reserves that occurred as fighting broke out all over the country. We had no idea how … more
What makes a leader? The question consumes countless books, seminars and leadership training programs in countless universities and business training models. But it’s worth noting that there … more
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