Thane Rosenbaum
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The good news: Israel’s air defense systems — Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow 3, and its vaunted fighter pilots — assisted by the United States, Jordan, England, France and … more
A United Nations fact-finding mission, charged with investigating Israel’s war against Hamas, concluded in a widely disseminated and exploited report that the Israel Defense Forces deliberately … more
B eware the Ides of March. Not that Ides! This past Ides of March — give or take a few days. The infamy of that earlier Ides lives on, 2,068 years later, with a similar drama of betrayal, … more
The tale I’m about to tell started out as a feel-good movie of the week and ended up as a two-hanky tearjerker of bitterness and betrayal. From solidarity to the nearly unsalvageable, within a … more
If you’re a Jew looking for sympathy in these sucker-punch days of hyper-antisemitism, find a way to transport yourself back to the early 1990s, a time when Holocaust memory — … more
The world feels like it’s on fire. If the Jewish state was not at center stage, however, there would not have been any smoke. Israel’s retaliation in defense of its sovereignty, and … more
Disclaimer: This essay is a work of fiction. The author is a white Jewish male in his 60s, not a teenage African-American female. But he is a novelist with a number of titles to his name, so he makes … more
H amas chopped the heads off 40 Jewish babies, burned families alive, gang raped teenage girls, and decapitated an elderly man. Oh, and they kidnapped a six-month-old baby, young children, and female … more
Take out your calculators. While you’re at it, a set of blinders, too. Israel’s imminent Gaza campaign is going to get ugly. The moral and mathematical problem has already been revealed. … more
The Academy Awards is soon upon us. One film that will not be walking away with a large Oscar haul is Damien Chazelle’s “Babylon.” (It is nominated for three awards, none in major … more
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