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If you have ever had a backyard garden, then you know the joy of the late-summer, early-fall harvests. If all has gone well, your garden is now bursting with a ton of tomatoes, enough green beans to … more
D esserts can be daunting! I am not talking about the difficulty of the recipe — though some can send me into a total cold sweat — but just about the issues called “choice … more
It is now time to switch gears from summer relaxation to the holidays, which are mostly on weekends this year, with Shabbat adding to the cooking challenges. My beloved grandmother cooked so … more
My perfect summer day starts with a very early breakfast followed by a long walk on the beach. Then I spend the rest of the day in a comfy chair under a big umbrella with a pile of books … more
Behold the coleslaw! The truth is that most people do not. Found in restaurants and often tossed out with the trash, it’s often ignored or set aside. Who thinks about coleslaw? It’s just … more
Did you ever think, “It’s just too hot to eat?” I remember many such days when all my kids wanted was ice cream or popsicles for dinner. Can I confess that once or twice I gave in? … more
I love summer. I live for summer! As a kid, I kept a calendar on which I heavily crossed out the days of June. I put a huge heart around the last day of school and another, bigger one, around … more
My father loved food with a passion that many reserve for sports, music, or some other endeavor. My dad waxed poetic about fresh sweet corn and good brisket, apple pie in the fall or small-farm, hand … more
An article I recently read about Shavuot spoke about the dramatic noises, fire and seismic activity surrounding Moses’ receipt of the Torah. If one is to believe Cecil B. DeMille, there was a … more
If there was ever a holiday that celebrates the strength and intelligence of women, Shavuot is it. Yes, I know that this joyous holiday is most commonly associated with Moses bringing the words … more
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