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The collaboration between UNRWA, the UN agency solely dedicated to Palestinian refugees and their descendants, and the Hamas rulers of Gaza continues unabated. Two recent episodes … more
President Joe Biden’s speech on May 7 at the US Capitol, during which he eloquently revisited Nazi Germany’s journey from racial laws discriminating against Jews to outright … more
In times of adversity, Jews respond in many ways, perhaps the most precious of which is humor. When the Soviet Union … more
The solemnly named International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague has become an arena for the world’s despots and authoritarians to strut and grandstand, projecting their own abuses — … more
F or several years now, my media consumption habits have been guided in part by what I call my “escape routes.” As someone who spends his days immersed in reports and analysis of … more
What do you call a Jewish house of prayer? When was the State of Israel founded? Which cities in our country have the largest Jewish communities? These are just three of the 20 questions about … more
War, the Union Army Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman is famously said to have told a group of army cadets some years after the American Civil War, “is hell.” More than a century and a half … more
Collisions are often unintentional. Bumping into someone as you walk down a busy thoroughfare with one eye on your cell phone or scraping a parked car as you reverse along a narrow street are … more
As the world marked International Women’s Day last Friday, the various social-media platforms lit up with posts from pro-Israel celebrities and influencers demanding the release of the female … more
W hen all is said and done, antisemitism is fundamentally an ideology of violence. Behind every missive and every barb — whether delivered online, at pro-Hamas rallies or graffitied on the … more
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