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Arguably the most enigmatic of the names of Rosh Hashana is Yom Hazikaron. What is being remembered and who is remembering? When we read through the selichot, particularly those of the Aseret … more
Other than former current events, nothing dates a Jewish book more than when discussing or quoting a deceased great rabbi with “Rabbi So and So, Shlit’a, says…” The … more
A major ill of our times is our inability to accept people for who they are. We often judge people based on exteriors or a one-time encounter. In describing the first of the two … more
As the Torah depicts the early travels of the Israelites, small details from famous stops are recalled. “They crossed the Red Sea toward the desert. They then traveled for three days … more
In the frenzy of last weekend, with many shuls shutting their doors, many of us were faced with the prospect of experiencing Shabbos in a way we had not before. Going to shul was off the table, so … more
One of the garments of the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) was the Tzitz, a plate of gold worn on the forehead, inscribed with the words “Kodesh LaShem” (Holy to G-d). In describing its … more
After nearly 50 mitzvot are described and demonstrated in Parshat Mishpatim, mostly related to damages and other person-to-person circumstances, the laws enter the realm of the holidays as we are … more
Nothing in parshat B’shalach touches capture our attention as much as the events surrounding the splitting of the sea. The stubbornness of Pharaoh and his army is a tragic tale of greed, … more
With a small push, yet surprisingly little creativity, we can easily notice that the Exodus from Egypt mirrors the events that surround the last evening of the existence of Sodom. In Egypt, … more
One of the most difficult questions we face when looking at the narrative of the plagues in this week’s parsha, Vaera, in understanding verse 3 in chapter 7. In explaining how the plagues … more
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