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‘A Parsha Companion’ by Rabbi David Fohrman


Rabbi David Fohrman is an internationally renowned biblical scholar and the founder of Aleph Beta. In his latest book, “Genesis: A Parsha Companion” (Maggid/AlephBeta) he helps the reader really listen to the Torah – carefully, and attentively. The reader thus is given the chance to perceive the true worth and value of Torah study.

In this work Rabbi Fohrman teaches us with the simple conviction that  inasmuch as reading a book is like having a conversation with its author, reading the Bible is like having a conversation with the Creator.

According to the author, when we read the Torah we should do it in a way that would serve as a conversation with those who are deeply important to us. Stop talking so much, slow down … just listen.

In his method, the author detects patterns in the original Hebrew text that reflects upon the religious base of its theological origins. He helps the reader to really listen to the sacred text — carefully, lovingly, and most attentively.

Rabbi Fohrman has served as an adjunct professor at John Hopkins University and as a lead writer for the Hoffberger Foundation for Torah Study for ten years. He is the author of “The Beast that Crouches at the Door,” “The Queen You Thought You Knew”and “The Exodus You Almost Passed Over.”

Rabbi Fohrman lives in Woodmere and is active at the Young Israel of Woodmere.

“In Genesis: A Parsha Companion,” Rabbi Fohrman helps direct the reader to study the text in the traditional mode. (A full library of his works is available at