Chumashim for HAFTR 2nd graders get Chumashim at HAFTR


HAFTR welcomed family and friends to the second grade Chagigat Chumash. Almost 100 students sang about their love of Torah and pride in becoming the next generation of talmidei chachamim and chachamot. They beamed with pride as they received their first Chumashim, engraved with their name.

 “It was a really nice introduction for the children to become engaged in learning Chumash,” said HAFTR parent Sara Macanian. “It was clear that the faculty worked hard preparing our kids not only for this wonderful program but for a lifelong connection to Torah learning.”

Together, students excitedly recited Shehechiyanu. Later, they and their families played games, personalized Chumash covers, decorated picture frames, and looked inside a Sefer Torah.

“It was wonderful to see our children reach such a big milestone in their lives,” said HAFTR parent Chani Kammerman. “We truly feel proud to watch them take on more advanced learning each year.”

Second grade students were also treated to the Tzivos Hashem Sefer Torah Workshop, where they learned about the intricate process of writing a Sefer Torah. They helped sand parchment and mix the special ink, and then each student used a quill to write his or her name in the special print of a Sefer Torah.

Thank you to all the families who helped sponsor the event.