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There are certain phrases or expressions that many of us find hard to say. “I love you” is one of them. Another such phrase is “thank you.” Although these words are … more
The institution of the Haftarah, reading a passage from the prophetic literature alongside the Torah portion, is an ancient one, dating back at least 2000 years. Scholars are not sure when, … more
The Haftorah to parsha Yzav on this Shabbat Hagadol, contains two well-known pasukim that conclude both Sefer Malachi and the Nevi’im section of Tanach. Malachi prophesizes the eventual … more
Sacrifices, the subject of this week’s parsha Vayikra, were central to the religious life of biblical Israel. What is deeply relevant today is the critique of sacrifices we find among the … more
I was wrong. I am sorry. Please forgive me.” These are rare words indeed, but I heard them pronounced clearly by a woman I once worked for, and whom I still admire. She was the … more
Different Jewish ethnicities have varying traditions regarding the proper way a Torah scroll should be written. Yet, vayikra — the first word of our parasha and the namesake of sefer … more
Melanie Reid, a journalist with The Times of London, is a quadriplegic who, with a wry lack of self-pity, calls her weekly essay Spinal Column. On Jan. 4, she told how she, her husband, and others in … more
The final five parshiot of Sefer Shemot describe every conceivable aspect of the construction of the Mishkan, including its kalim (vessels and utensils) and the bigdei kohanim (the garments worn by … more
Corona. Isolation. Quarantine. Closed schools and synagogues. Flights cancelled and travel limited. No large public gatherings. What is going on? In 1988, during the first Intifada, one of our … more
In the frenzy of last weekend, with many shuls shutting their doors, many of us were faced with the prospect of experiencing Shabbos in a way we had not before. Going to shul was off the table, so … more
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