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I find the vitriol directed against the Citifield asifa not only to be unfounded but downright offensive. Yes, the internet is an inescapable part of our modern world, but to be inattentive to the enormous dangers that lurk in this medium is naive and foolhardy. more
This responds to the letter of Michael Brenner entitled “Obama, AIPAC and Iran” which was published in the March 23rd edition of The Jewish Star. In the letter, it is contended that President Obama solidly supports Israel. I disagree, and believe that support is nothing but a mirage. more
Why is it ok for homeowners on Broadway in Lawrence, Cedarhurst and Woodmere to ignore their responsibility to shovel the sidewalks in front of their homes? Time and again, days and days after a snowstorm, pedestrians must struggle to walk on the sidewalks, risking a fall on the ice and packed snow. more
Issue of January 15, 2010/ 29 Tevet 5770 Don’t buy Facebook argument To the Editor: Regarding “Why I don’t facebook” (Opinion; Rabbi Reuven Spolter; Jan. 8, 2010). Wasn’t this … more
To the Editor: In his predictable criticism of the statistically insignificant number of Rabbis for Obama who are on the board of Jewish Voice for Peace (an anti-Israel group) and those who are members of Rabbis for Human Rights (a pro two-state solution group that, unlike Jeff, has actually gone into Palestinian areas in West Bank to do their work, but never mind), Jeff wonders aloud how many more on the list he can smear. more
Letters to the Editor more
To the editor: It was unfortunate that Malka Eisenberg chose to give a largely unchallenged forum to Pamela Geller, who is, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “anti-Muslim movement’s most visible and flamboyant figurehead.” http://bit.ly/njgAJU. more
Dear Editor, I was pleased to read your article about Dr. Eyal Gur [FIDF helps Israeli veteran MD run, bike and hike, May 17]. Dr. Gur for many years had been a member of Beit Halochem, the sports and rehabilitation centers of the Zahal Disabled Veteran Organization. This is the organization that is supported by the FIDV 5Towns 5K. In the past he had even been a speaker for Beit Halochem. more
Issue of November 20, 2009/ 3 Cheshvan 5770 Continue The Jewish Star’s ‘very important work’ To the Editor: I would like to thank you for your editorial regarding the Toldos Rebbes … more
Issue of August 14, 2009 / 24 Av 5769 Pointing fingers To the Editor: If the Orthodox Jewish community in general, and the Syrian Jewish community in particular, ever wanted greater evidence … more
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